The Michigan Sexual Violence Prevention Survey Report

In recent years, Michigan has begun to recognize the staggering realities of sexual assault, abuse, and harassment in our communities through high profile court cases and the #MeToo movement. The good news is that preventing sexual violence is possible if we work together.

We are pleased to share data from a survey conducted by MPHI in 2019 that gives insight into where Michigan stands on important indicators of violence prevention and community connectedness.

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    What can you, your organization, and your community do to help?

    • Check out the action steps throughout the report for concrete ways to make a difference.
    • Build Compelling Messages about Prevention: Helping people understand that sexual violence can be prevented is a critical step toward a future where abuse and assault are rare. And to make the case for prevention, we need to go beyond the scope of the problem and articulate what to do about it. Check out the following tools from the Berkeley Media Studies group and partners to learn to build effective messages that highlight the need for prevention.
    • Engage the Media: Using the frameworks described in the report, reach out to your local media to share the results, while keeping your community and leaders up to date on key issues and informing their understanding of prevention. Check out the media relations toolkit from Berkeley Media Studies Group below to help build relationships with journals and elevate prevention in news coverage of sexual assault, abuse and harassment.

    Interested in learning more about our statewide survey process? Check out our other short publications found in the following National Sexual Violence Resource Center (NSVRC) links: