Accreditation Expertise & Capacity

MPHI’s Office of Accreditation and Quality Improvement ( has served as the coordinating agency for the Michigan Local Public Health Accreditation (MLPHA) program since its inception in 1998. MLPHA strengthens public health by identifying and promoting public health standards for local health departments (LHDs) and evaluating and accrediting LHDs on their ability to meet those standards.

Staff also build capacity to implement performance management (PM) and use quality improvement (QI) and support public health agencies’ development of community health assessments, community health improvement plans, and strategic plans that align with Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) national standards.

MPHI also provides assistance to agencies preparing for PHAB accreditation. Staff support self-assessment against PHAB standards and measures and capacity-building to address gaps in readiness. MPHI also provides resources to LHDs so they can educate partners and governing boards about accreditation.