SharePoint Development & Support

SharePoint Development & Support – Secure Microsoft SharePoint solutions provide a framework for dashboards and allow communication and collaboration among partners, manage document and content, enhance project management, and develop workflow processes and reports. Solutions are secured over the Internet and are designed to be efficient and easily useable. MPHI works closely with clients to define the site, implement functionality, and support and maintain the site. SharePoint is easily customizable to fit any client’s needs. Several built-in web parts include, but are not limited to:

  1. Announcements
  2. Calendars, which can include Meeting Workspaces associated with appointments to organize agendas, attendees, meeting notes, and other handouts from meeting appointments
  3. Forms, which can be customized to collect information in customizable data fields. Data can be easily aggregated into reports, charts, and graphs, using integration between Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft SQL Reporting Services.
  4. Quick Links, which provide an easily accessible link to other sites/documents
  5. Document libraries, which can be configured with meta-data fields to classify, organize, search and filter documents; document libraries include version control to manage the collaboration process
  6. Discussion boards