Safe Sleep (e-Learning)

Safe Sleep (e-Learning)


Infant Safe Sleep for Health Care Providers is used to inform individuals – both the public and professionals – on the issues surrounding safe sleep for children and how to teach parents how to provide a safe sleep environment for their children.  The Online Infant Safe Sleep for Health Care Providers course is targeted to teach health care professional who provide care to pregnant woman and infants ages birth to 12 months.

Infant Safe Sleep for Child Care Providers purpose is to educate child care providers on the State of Michigan licensing rules for infant safe sleep which are based on the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for infant sleep safety; To educate providers on the importance of their adherence to infant safe sleep requirements by presenting data on the number of infants who have died in child care settings (historically and recently) and exploring the impacts of having a death in their setting  (i.e. revocation of license, loss of livelihood, emotional impacts, etc.); To address the unique challenges that child care providers can face in providing a safe sleep environment for infants due to possible pressure from parents to not follow the infant safe sleep requirements, the number of children in care, etc. and to provide information to child care providers about available resources.

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