Professional Nursing Development

Professional Nursing Development


The Center for Nursing and Workforce Policy (CNWP) supports MDHHS’ Office of Nursing Policy in several initiatives with the ultimate goal of building and retaining the nursing workforce in Michigan.

Transition to Practice: CNWP is involved in the development and evaluation of the Transition to Practice Online Training modules located at Each training course on this website aims to provide support for newly licensed nurses transitioning to practice or to licensed nurses transitioning to a new practice setting. The goals of these courses are: 1) to improve retention of new nurses; 2) to improve patient safety by assisting new nurses in transitioning from task orientation to critical thinking; and 3) to increase new nurses’ comfort level with prioritizing care and applying the techniques introduced in their educational programs.

Careers in Nursing Pilot: This project aims to expand the nursing workforce in Michigan by facilitating early exposure to the opportunities a career in nursing provides, specifically to middle school aged students in Detroit, Michigan. The CNWP has been involved in the development and evaluation of the program along with MDHHS, nursing programs, nursing organizations, and middle schools in Detroit.

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