Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health (MOASH)

Michigan Organization on Adolescent Sexual Health (MOASH)


MPHI has provided evaluation services to MOASH since 2014. MOASH programs evaluated by MPHI focus on adolescents and young adults, particularly LGBTQ+ youth.  MPHI is currently working on three projects with MOASH: Youth Education Access on HIV (YEAH!), Sexual Violence Prevention, and the Step Toward Equity Program (STEP) 2.0.

The YEAH! Project aims to prevent HIV among Detroit youth by eliminating barriers in access to information technology and establishing collaborations that are well positioned to support this work in the long-term.

As a subgrantee of Michigan’s Sexual Violence Prevention program, MOASH aims to change the culture and climate around consent and sexual violence through statewide messaging campaigns, a youth advisory council, and changing practices in school environments.

STEP 2.0 provides comprehensive sexual health education that also addresses a need for an increased amount and depth of content on sexual and gender-based violence prevention.

MPHI provides support through evaluation consultation and advisement. MPHI also assists MOASH by developing surveys and other instruments and creating summary evaluation reports.

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