Michigan Childhood Lead Poisoning Surveillance System (MICLPS)

Michigan Childhood Lead Poisoning Surveillance System (MICLPS)


MPHI and the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) worked collaboratively to design and build Michigan Childhood Lead Poisoning Surveillance System (MICLPS), a web-based lab management application.  The Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program receives blood lead lab results from hundreds of clinical laboratories and portable analyzers within the State of Michigan, as well as several national labs.  Some labs are sent in an HL7 format, which are then entered directly into the application, and other labs are sent electronically via a template, and imported into the MICLPS application manually by MDHHS staff.  Once the lab results are imported into MICLPS, each record undergoes validation to ensure that all pertinent lab data is present, and address verification to ensure the patient’s address data is accurate.  Once the lab result has been validated for accuracy, and marked as ‘Done’, the lab results of all levels are then reported out to the local health departments and other entities.  The full data set is also sent to the State Data Warehouse, and imported into CDC’s HHLPSS lab processing application.

The MICLPS application is integrated with the State of Michigan single sign-on process, and is hosted at the State of Michigan.  MPHI and MDHHS continue to work collaboratively to support and enhance the application.

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