Massachusetts TBI

Massachusetts TBI


The Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts contracted with MPHI to develop a web-based course on brain injury in adults. The course includes six modules: Traumatic Brain Injury 101, Screening and Resources, Mental Health, Psychopharmacology, Alcohol & Drug Use and Traumatic Brain Injury, and Homelessness. The application allows for a short quiz and evaluation and are administered at the end of the lesson to test knowledge and gather feedback. In addition, all modules are eligible for Continuing Education credits.

MPHI worked closely with the Brain Injury Association of Massachusetts and the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission to design and build the web application. The goal was to make the content, including multi-media content, easily readable. The application is designed so that content and quiz questions are easily editable, which will allow for decreased maintenance costs in the future. MPHI and our partners worked together using an agile methodology, and the project was completed on-time and on-budget.

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