Family Planning (e-Learning)

Family Planning (e-Learning)


The Family Planning Contraceptives Counseling online course is intended for clinical staff in family planning, reproductive health, and primary care settings.  This includes nurses, counselors, educators, and providers.  This three modules course on client-centered contraceptive counseling and method education is designed to improve client understanding and access to quality family planning services.

Quality, client-centered contraceptive counseling is key to providing effective family planning services.  Clients who receive quality counseling are more likely to be happy with their method and are more likely to use it consistently and correctly.  Interactive, client-centered counseling strategies have proven to be most effective.  This counseling approach focuses on establishing a trusting relationship to help clients identify their individual goals and preferences and then help the client make informed birth control choices.

The course has Nursing, Medical Assistant, and Continuing Medical Education (CME) continuing education available.

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