Education & Communication Services

ECS has a communication services division that designs solutions to help tell your story and reach your audience.  We offer a full range of facilitation, presentation and design services to enhance messaging.  ECS has an in-house team of experienced designers and facilitators who create a range of resources supporting project work and communication with clients, stakeholders and communities. We tailor presentation and design work to meet the needs of the health sector, especially in communication with learners, practitioners and key stakeholders.

Services include:

Dissemination of research findings:

  • Infographics
  • Data visualization
  • Printed and online reports and graphics

Exhibition and conference presentation and materials:

  • Presentations
  • Videos
  • Brochures, posters and booklets
  • Stands and banners

Stakeholder communications:

  • Facilitation and strategic planning
  • Graphics and online/printed materials