Center for Technology Solutions

SDWT - Data Management

The Center for Technology Solutions team creates and manages solutions in REDCap, a secure, web-based application for building and managing online surveys and databases.

Features and functionality of REDCap include:

  1. User Rights and Permissions
    • User Roles
    • Data Access Groups
    • Users can be configured for identified or de-identified access
  2. Longitudinal Surveys
  3. Skip Patterns
  4. Historical Tracking feature on each data field
  5. Export Data in a variety of formats:
    • Excel; SPSS; SAS; R Statistical Software; STATA
    • Simple data export gives you all of your data in one of the specified file formats.
    • Advanced Data Export allows you to pick and choose specific forms and fields, and allows for de-identification options.
  6. Other features and functionality include:
    • Graphical Data View & Statistics: displays project data in aggregate graphical format and as descriptive statistics.  This is designed to assist in data cleaning and evaluation.
    • Data Quality: Application will allow you to execute data quality rules to check for discrepancies in your data.
    • Reporting: Application allows you to build and save custom reports.  Reports can be modified, copied, deleted, and only accesses data that you have the ability to see.

The best part about REDCap is that once we build it, our partners and clients can design the survey and configure project settings without the help of technical staff. REDCap is easily intuitive and modified via an easy-to-use user interface.