Center for Social Enterprise

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User Acceptance Testing (UAT)

The team has specialized skills in the areas of business administration, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions (834, 835, 837, 270/271, 276/277, 820, and 278), test script creation and software testing.  Our dedicated staff is able to respond quickly and provide User Acceptance Testing (UAT) support to our clients and partners to ensure the Community Health Automated Medicaid Processing System (CHAMPS) production releases go in on time and with no impacts to the current production system.  In this last year we have been partners in strategies that have led innovation as well as furthered MPHI’s strategic goal of innovation.  We are working with our partners to create a cloud framework.

Third Party Liability (TPL)

The team works directly with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Third Party Liability/Cost Avoidance and Medicare Buy-In units.  We research, update, and maintain commercial third party liability information and Medicare claim information in Community Health Automated Medicaid Processing System (CHAMPS). The research and subsequent updates to Third Party Liability information in CHAMPS saves the State Medicaid program monies. Each liability coverage we find and add is an average of $197.23 in cost avoidance per month per member. Our team was an integral part of the 2017 total Cost Avoidance savings of $336,481,422.48. Our work also helps to correct access to care issues.