Center for Healthy Communities

Native American parents with child

We believe we have a duty to be of service to Native communities in their pursuits of optimal health and wellbeing for their people.

In addition to practicing MPHI’s core values, our work with Native communities is guided by our commitment to:

  • Meaningfully engage Tribal leaders and community members
  • Support community-driven efforts grounded in culture, values, and practices
  • Seek creative, culturally-sound ways to improve the availability and quality of data for tribal decision-makers
  • Be reliable, trustworthy advocates for our partners
  • Pursue opportunities that are mutually beneficial, promote resource sharing, and generate funding for long lasting partnerships

“[Our] public health staff are critically overloaded with multiple tasks. The provision of talented, skilled, and highly trained individuals to support our consortium has been enormously helpful in the completion of all tasks… We could not have done the same job without this wonderful assistance.” –  Tribal Project Coordinator

For over a decade, we’ve partnered with tribes, tribal organizations, and Indian Health agencies, on more than 50 projects.

Our collaborations with Native communities…

Are addressing numerous priority health issues, such as:

  • health education
  • commercial tobacco prevention & control
  • opioid use
  • nutrition
  • physical activity
  • obesity
  • diabetes
  • cancer
  • behavioral health
  • trauma
  • suicide prevention
  • adolescent health & development
  • maternal & infant health

Focus on strengthening public health services & systems through:

  • health equity practice
  • policy, system, & environmental interventions
  • community health assessment & improvement planning
  • population health surveillance & monitoring
  • public health department accreditation readiness
  • workforce development
  • practice based evidence

Provide partners with a broad set of specialized skills from MPHI staff to meet their unique needs, including:

  • program evaluation & research
  • training & capacity building assistance
  • program planning & development
  • grant writing
  • strategic planning
  • facilitation
  • data analysis & visualization
  • performance measurement
  • reporting
  • dissemination

“The professionalism and expertise of MPHI staff has proven to be invaluable in meeting and exceeding all of our evaluation needs… MPHI staff have proven themselves to be enthusiastically accessible and extremely credible.” – Inter-Tribal Council of MI, Program Manager