Center for Healthy Communities

Mother holding child

CHC supports projects designed around the idea that healthy babies, children, and adolescents have the best chance of becoming healthy adults. Health outcomes are determined by many factors, but experiences and exposures early in life and pre-conception have a powerful impact on health later in life.  Additionally, health at every phase of life is impacted by community- and system-level forces, and those forces have a different impact at every phase of life.

These concepts are complex and can play an important role in reshaping how organizations charged with protecting and promoting public health approach that responsibility. However, the bridge from theory to action can be long, and, the Lifecourse Framework was developed to provide a structure for changing mindsets and putting these critical ideas into practice. 

We apply Lifecourse thinking to several other areas of work within CHC. We support a body of work in maternal and infant health, focusing on having a health pregnancy, a positive birth experience and birth outcomes, and supporting breastfeeding. We also support a body of work focused on early childhood. Our early childhood projects focus on strengthening programs and services working to support parents and others who care for young children. Finally, we support projects focused on adolescent health, and especially projects supporting sexual health and building relationship skills among this population.

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