Center for Health Equity Practice

Group of people seated in discussion circle

With the rising awareness that health equity is important, there are at least two challenges that public health professionals face. The first is developing a clear understanding of what the term means. The second challenge is to determine how to intentionally focus on health equity in our daily work. It is common in discussions about health equity to hear references to using a ‘health equity framework’ – but it is just as common for people to not know what that means in both form and content. The Learning Lab sessions are designed to provide a definition of the concept and guide work groups through a process they can use to act intentionally and strategically to advance health equity within their work.

Learning Lab sessions are a total of 16 hours of contact time spread across five meetings with group work in between the sessions. Typically there are 3 or more weeks between sessions. The five areas of focus include:

  • Session 1 – where have we been, where are we going? (Review of key concepts) – 2 hours
  • Session 2 – where we are (analysis of organizational assessment data) – 4 hours
  • Session 3 – what can we do? (Identifying ideas for potential projects) – 3 hours
  • Session 4 – what will we do? (Developing specific project plans) – 3 hours
  • Session 5 – commitment to action (presentation of plans to key partners) – 4 hours

The Learning Labs include an additional 6 hours of contact time for 3, 6, and 12 month follow up accountability sessions. Each follow up meeting is two hours in length.

For more information about our Health Equity and Social Justice Learning Labs please email: