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MPHI’s Center for Culturally Responsive Engagement (CCRE) is dedicated to ensuring the people who are most impacted are at the center of conversations which seek to find solutions to problems affecting them. We engage with our clients on culturally responsive approaches for evaluation, learning, research, training, facilitation, and strategic planning. Our services are developed around culturally defined values, knowledge, and beliefs of the population served and the context in which they occur. Through our work we offer tenets to help our partners adopt engagement processes that are culturally responsive and utilize a racial equity lens. We systematically identify and address racism, cultural stereotypes, and other forms of intolerance, injustice, and oppression. Our partners are philanthropic, governmental, nonprofit and academic institutions and historically marginalized groups to drive social processes where their voices have previously been silenced. We see cultural differences as assets and leverage culturally responsive engagement as a tool for advancing equity and social justice by shifting power to those impacted for decision-making, policy and practice development, systems transformation and social change.

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Center for Culturally Responsive Engagement
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