Center for Child and Family Health

Health Analytics

CCFH’s Health Analytics Team combines technologies and skills used in public health, business, and clinical practice to provide insights into the complex interdependencies that drive health outcomes, costs, policy, and oversight.  CCFH has a team of experienced data system creators and managers who can provide a range of options for data capture, quality assurance, performance monitoring, extraction, and reporting.

Health Analytics Services Offered:

 Data System Design and Management

  • Match research questions with data points.
  • Create easy-to-use data entry forms.
  • Design real-time dashboards and reports.
  • Use predictive modeling to identify strategies likely to improve future outcomes.

 Performance Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Design comprehensive logic models, data analysis plans, and evaluation plans.
  • Identify and capture performance-related data.
  • Report progress toward internal and/or external goals.
  • Assess probable long-term impacts.

 Technical Reporting

  • Retrieve and collate data from multiple sources.
  • Transform data to allow “apples to apples” comparisons.
  • Design and perform appropriate statistical analyses.
  • Create audience-specific products that are easily understandable.