Heather White, MSA

Chief Administrative Officer

Heather White, MSA, has 18 years of experience in Human Resource Management. She works closely with the Chief Executive Officer, assessing, organizing, and delegating administrative functions, and with the chief financial officer, addressing administrative and financial oversight throughout MPHI’s programs. She is responsible for implementing MPHI’s hiring policies, acts as a staffing agent in recruiting candidates, provides administrative direction to programs, and assists in program development. She is also responsible for oversight of facilities, lease negotiations, building operational issues, tenant improvements, new builds, build-outs, and staff moves. She serves as MPHI’s Equal Employment Opportunity coordinator, developing and implementing the annual Affirmative Action plan, overseeing employee evaluations, and providing guidance to the management team in Human Resources-related areas. Ms. White led implementation of E-Recruiting, which serves as a catalyst for recruiting prospective employees while improving efficiency, and encouraging collaboration by matching current employees’ skills with new projects. She holds a B.S. in Business from Ferris State University and a M.S. in Administration from Central Michigan University.