image of COVID-19 Vaccination Passport

Dr. Tracy Hilliard, Director, and Dr. Stella Gran-O’Donnell, Associate Director of the Center for Culturally Responsive Engagement (CCRE) at MPHI, provide subject-matter expertise about the alarming inequities of mandating COVID-19 passports. In the following excerpt, Dr. Gran-O’Donnell presents a global concern:

“The issue of vaccine passports will disproportionately burden those who have been most vulnerable to contracting and dying from COVID-19, Black and brown individuals, and communities of color in the U.S., along with their counterparts of those living in poverty and oppressed individuals and groups around the world.”

At MPHI, we combat inequities on the local, state, national, and global stages. We seek every opportunity to advance equity and social justice and promote listening to the voices of communities closest to the issues when decision-making. As Dr. Hilliard explains in the article:

“It’s important for the people with power and decision-making authority to not only ask experts, so to speak, in medicine, in policy, or in public health, but to ask those folks that are furthest from justice and most impacted by inequities in our country, to ask them what their perspectives are, ask them what they feel should happen.”

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