The CDC’s Division of Violence Prevention awarded MPHI’s Center for Strategic Health Partnerships (CSHP) the Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences: Data to Action grant. CSHP was one of four recipients, along with the Georgia Department of Public Health, the Connecticut Office of Early Childhood and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

MPHI’s CSHP is focused on increasing access to healthcare and improving health outcomes for medically underserved communities.  A project of CSHP, the Michigan ACE Initiative is focused on raising awareness about Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and developing trauma-informed, healing organizations and communities across the state.

Recipients of the Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences: Data to Action grant will enhance or build the infrastructure for the state-representative collection, analysis and application of ACE-related surveillance data that can be used to inform and tailor ACE prevention activity, implement strategies based on the best available evidence to prevent ACEs, and conduct data to action activities to continue to assess state-wide surveillance and primary prevention needs and make needed modifications.