Jana L. Dean, MPHI’s Chief Financial Officer has been appointed by Governor Whitmer to serve on the Early Childhood Investment Corporation Executive Committee. The Early Childhood Investment Corporation (ECIC) was created to be the state’s focal point for information and investment in early childhood in Michigan so that children can arrive at the kindergarten door, safe, healthy and eager for learning and life.

For fifteen years, the ECIC has worked collaboratively with partners across Michigan. As a public organization, funded by federal, state and private supporters, the ECIC has invested more than $225 million to improve the social emotional health, economic stability, safety, physical health and school readiness of all children – focusing especially on prenatal to age 5.

The ECIC envisions a future where all young children and their families in Michigan thrive. In order to make this vision a reality, we work to ensure:

• Race, culture and community are celebrated assets in a young child’s life
• Our work is informed by research and driven by the voices of diverse populations to achieve equitable outcomes for all children
• Collaboration is central to our work, and we strive to co-create knowledge and innovation for the field

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