MPHI has partnered with Avanoo and to launch an online training for the healthcare industry. This training program is designed to help create communities of practice, where individuals will not only learn how to better identify, engage and empower victims, they will also learn how to share their knowledge with other professionals and colleagues to increase collective knowledge around human trafficking.

With over 30+ years of curriculum and presentation experience, Patti Hathaway, M.Ed., CSP and published author and human trafficking survivor, Ruth Rondon, have developed the training-Human Trafficking Awareness for Healthcare: W.A.R. on Slavery.

Distinctive from other programs, this course is evidence-based, utilizing 49 medical research sources as the basis for 20 short, 3 minute online lessons. The brief, daily lessons allow individuals to complete the course at their own pace, within a flexible time-frame. Avanoo, an online learning management system, has a proven platform designed for optimal learner retention and team engagement. The format is based on storytelling, micro learning, analytics, and includes chat features with the authors and with fellow learners to help establish internal communities of practice within organizations, allowing those who have completed the courses to help educate others to affect change.

Continuing education credits are offered for the following providers: health educators, health care quality administrators, nurses, physicians, social workers, and risk managers. Organizational pricing as low as $20.00 per person, with continuing education is available. Individuals may choose to sign up at a special invitational price of $40.00 per person, plus optional continuing education fees.

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“Victims need you to validate them and their feelings. Empathy is the antidote to shame. Victims are worthy of being heard, listened to, and healed.”
A.R. on Slavery eLearning, Lesson 3